Life Leadership Growth Groups

It's one thing to talk the talk, but will you walk the walk? Growth groups are the essential coaching element of our leadership programme.

This is when we will help you apply leadership theory to your specific context, coaching you to develop habits that ensure you grow as a leader.

Our growth groups go hand-in-hand with our leadership short course. They follow the same topics: Defining Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Selfless Leadership, Responsible Leadership, Relational Leadership, Resilient Leadership; and give you the opportunity to dig deeper, discuss with a leadership coach, and learn how to apply these leadership themes in your life.

Meetings in small groups facilitated by a Life Leadership coach, usually 60mins in length. These sessions are often said to be the most valuable by students in their feedback.

The Friends International Life Leadership Programme is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM). TILM are the “leaders in leadership”, combining years of research, knowledge and innovation to champion the leadership agenda for all. Participation in the Friends International Life Leadership programme is a recognised pathway to individual membership with TILM.