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July Events

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

We have two events coming up in July for anyone and everyone. Our Meal & Talk event is happening, this Saturday and you can book on here: click me. A home cooked meal in a lovely home in Chobham and an open conversation about how faith might be relevant in times of grief and suffering. All faiths are welcome and do come with questions! It is a safe place to ask about Christianity and also share your own views. We genuinely believe people can disagree and still be friends especially when food is involved!

We also have our next SOCIAL get together at the Britannia pub on Wednesday the 17th of July. Find out more here: click me.

We have more walks coming up in August, Rendezvous is also planning a walk and a picnic for international ladies. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, our app or this new website for the latest events and information!

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Friends International Guildford

Friends International Guildford is a local branch of Friends International and is organised by local supporters and hosts from Christian churches in Guildford who love welcoming all international students and their families.

Phone: 07411 378332

Address: 9 Scillonian Road, Guildford, GU2 7PS

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