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Lunch Club is on!

You and I usually eat lunch. Sometimes it’s just squeezed into the day, on the way to the next thing. Sometimes you sit down, take a break, enjoy some food, have a chat with some with your friends or just eat by yourself.

How about we just take the break together? You’ll bring your lunch, I’ll bring mine. We can share what we have cooked or bought (or not, no pressure!).

We both get a chance to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy catching up with an old friend or maybe making a new one. Simple!

That’s the idea of Lunch Club. We usually meet in the sitting area opposite the Simply Fresh entrance, around 12pm. It’s either Phil, Lilli or both who are there. We will always post on Instagram and FB in the morning of the day when it is on, so keep an eye on our social media.

We hope to see you at Lunch Club soon and maybe even meet you for the first time!

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