Hosting Scheme Terms & Conditions

All Students taking part in the Hosting Scheme must agree to these Terms & Conditions

The Hosting Scheme

  • I understand that, the Hosting Scheme is designed to be an experience that will be enriching for both hosts and students. Hosts and students should never feel coerced or forced into being part of the Hosting Scheme.
  • I understand that, though the Hosting Scheme is strictly for hosting international students who are over the age of eighteen (18), it is an inclusive scheme. This means that the scheme happily welcomes international students regardless of race, gender, age, class, sexual identity, religion, and physical ability.
  • I understand that, if at any stage a host or student wants to withdraw from being part of the Hosting Scheme they are free to do so, and must inform Friends International immediately.
  • I understand that, all hosts in the Friends International Hosting Scheme are offering hospitality voluntarily and are not expecting any payment of any kind in return.

Being Hosted

  • I understand that when I accept an invitation, I am making a commitment, and that I must inform my host as soon as possible if I have to break this commitment.
  • I understand that I must contact my host very soon after receiving my invitation, and that I must discuss my travel plans with my host.
  • I understand that in the UK it is normal for people to shake hands when they first meet, and they may give each other a brief hug when they say goodbye; I can choose whether or not I wish to do this and my host will respect my choice.
  • I understand that after the visit it is polite to express my appreciation to my hosts by saying “thank you”. I can choose to give a small gift if I would like to, but that will not be expected.
  • I understand that I will be asked for feedback after the visit, and that Friends International will take my comments and feedback seriously.

Respecting My Host

  • I will respect my host(s), including, but not limited to, their cultural, political, and religious points of view.
  • I will treat my host’s house and belongings with dignity and respect.
  • I will not force my religious, political, or cultural points of view on my host(s); and they have been asked not to force their religious, political, or cultural points of view on me.