Welcome to Surrey

Friends International supports and encourages international students, connecting you to our community!

Welcome all students from outside the UK to Surrey!

Life can be very different moving to a new country and studying abroad. We understand that you are facing new challenges, new languages and a different culture. Finding your place in this new area called Surrey will take time and we are here to help!

Friends International is a local Christian charity, which aims to support you in building friendships with other students, make local links with families and explore life in the UK. We organise events, experiences and social meet ups (online and in-person), to help you learn about and take part in British culture to get the most out of your time here while at university – learn more about us below.

Hello from the staff team

Lilli is our Centre Team Leader. Originally from Germany, she leads the team as well as organises and runs events. She is a Senior Chaplain at the University of Surrey and enjoys meeting students.

Phil is our Staff Worker. He is British but grew up in Papua New Guinea. He runs events and courses, including Life Leadership. Phil is also an International Christian Chaplain at the University of Surrey.

Jasmine is our Digital Communications Staff Worker. Originally from America, she is here to support international students through managing our online presence as well as meeting and befriending students. 

This is our staff team above: Lilli, Phil, and Jasmine. We all have different roles and backgrounds. Learn more about us in our short “Who Are We” video. 

Meet some of our volunteers

Our volunteers hope to welcome you and help you make the most of your time in the UK. They come from different backgrounds too—some having lived abroad and with amazing stories to share. The videos below give you an example of some of the people you will meet!

Jenny (Host & Volunteer) 

Hugh (Host & Volunteer)

From International Students!

Friends International has been a fantastic experience for me, one I will remember my whole life. I feel part of the big international family!...

So how do you join our community?

We would love for you to join us in person or online as much or as little as you feel comfortable to. Click the icons below to visit our social media. We share lots of content regularly including recordings of talks, information on events, updates and useful resources for you while at university. Our App below is the best place to see when events are on and book to attend. Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest content! 




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Download our FREE International Student App (Events, UK Life, Local Link)

Our App is a useful, quick way to connect with us and know what we are doing both now and for the future so you can plan your time better!

  •  Know when our events happen and book to attend
  • Connect with our “Local Link” programme (hosting with local families – more information below)
  • Learn about life in Surrey and the UK
  • Contact us or arrange to meet our Chaplains for support / questions
  • Be part of our training programmes to develop your life skills whilst at university (Our Life Leadership Course)
Friends International have an app, you can find all our events and extra information about Guildford here

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You might also want to check out the local Churches in the area. We have listed some of the most well known and easiest to get to, providing great opportunities for friendship and to explore the Christian faith. Use our Churches page in the top menu above, or simply click here

Our events in pictures!

Pictures capture the story better than words! Below is a small example of the experiences you can enjoy…