Volunteer as a host

Would you like to meet international students and invite them to join you for a meal together in your home?

Local Link is a scheme that links international students with local people. It provides a wonderful opportunity for international students to meet people off-campus and to learn about life, food and customs in England. It can be hard for international students to meet people who are not students or on their course, and for many going into a home is the highlight of their time in the UK.

It is such a clear demonstration of friendship.

Who can be a host?

You can be single, married, or part of a family, and of any age, to host students for a meal. We are looking for people to take part in this scheme who are committed Christians, and are part of a local church. We will ask your church leader for an informal reference, before accepting you as a host.

What is involved?

If you would like to offer hospitality, then we ask you to fill in the online form below, and we will then contact your church for a reference, before accepting you as a host.

Once the students have registered with us (from when term starts, in October), we will write to you again (from October onwards), with details and some hints on hosting. Students do register with us throughout the academic year, so we continue to need new hosts during the whole year, so please do sign up at any time to be a host.

You will then be linked with one or two students, depending on how big a group you would like. They often like to bring a friend and having more than one helps with conversation. We only ask you to offer one meal each year, usually in the first semester (October to December) but if you are able to stay in touch with your students into the Spring and Summer terms that is very much appreciated, but it is not a requirement.

If you have any questions about Local Link, please do contact us.